Why L.S.I.?

Why is Leak Surveys Inc. the choice for you?

• Increase Throughput
• Capture Lost Opportunity Cost
•  Cuts labor costs incurred in complying with regulations by reducing the amount of time it takes to survey for leaks
• Save companies from environmental fines
• Quick response time
• 100% accurate with no false positives
•  Price – Infrared gas leak detection requires less than half the time of traditional leak detection methods saving the customer money

• Increase Employee and Public Safety
• Images of leaks are captured on video for safety file reporting
•  Repaired leaks can be filmed to provide an audit trail /  proof that the leaks were repaired
•  Reduces human exposure to toxic substances, explosions, and other serious problems

• Reduce Emissions and Emissions Fees
• Strengthen Environmental Stewardship Efforts
• Creates “Green” Pipelines
• Positive Landowner Relations

This is a totally new approach to gas leak detection. LSI will gladly provide more
information, footage, or pricing regarding different applications for the gas leak
imaging services.


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