Advantages of Gas Leak Imaging over Traditional Methods

This method of inspection has some clear advantages over traditional sniffing, soaping, and bagging methods.

• LSI will provide pinpointed, real-time visualization of gas leaks recorded in standard digital video formats.

• Gas imaging can be performed from up to 50 meters (approx 150 feet) from the target.

• The inspection is performed without any interruption of plant operation or personnel responsibilities.

• The time required to carry out the inspection is dramatically reduced, reducing the cost.

• Because you are able to visually see the gas leaks, you can estimate the leak rate and dispersion pattern and trace it to its source.

• You can easily locate and prioritize the larger leaks and the leaks that have the most potential of environmental impact, sensitive safety concerns, or production losses.

• Most leaks can be visually detected from ground level, so overhead leaks will not be overlooked.  Additionally, the expense involved with erecting scaffolds or using ladders to gain access to elevated areas can be eliminated.

• You are able to visually detect gas emissions in the air of buildings or areas before entering them, adding an additional safety benefit to hand held gas leak detection.

• There is no doubt what is leaking so maintenance, repair, and ordering of parts is less time-consuming and expensive


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