Leak Surveys, Inc. is proud to announce a breakthrough in infrared technology. Our camera is leading the world in hydrocarbon leak detection using infrared technology for a fast, economical, and safe method of controlling emissions.

What makes this possible? 

With our camera we are able to capture real-time images of gas leaks. Until our camera was invented, a large majority of gas leaks were not visible to the naked eye. Our camera has solved that problem permanently. With this revolutionary breakthrough, we are now able to perform leak surveys by flying transmission lines.

The New Answer

We use helicopters that fly at approximately 200 feet above the existing transmission lines. Our trained technicians can see and identify natural gas leaks in real-time from this altitude.  The survey is recorded to a digital data bank as it is being performed.  This data bank can then be stored in a company’s safety file for review at any time if the need arises.  If a leak is discovered during the survey process, GPS coordinates are given so that the leak can be located by the ground operator and can quickly be repaired.  This cutting edge technology can be done for less cost than conventional methods.

Other Possibilities

Our camera is a versatile camera and can perform an array of assignments.  For instance, the camera can be used for the leak detection on valves and fittings at gas plants, refineries, and other manufacturing facilities.  The ability of the technician to visually see the leak allows him or her to prioritize the different leaks for repair.  This is vital for companies wanting to save both time and money.  Conventional leak detection equipment takes man hours and cuts into profits.  Old methods are obsolete.  What made them obsolete?  Our camera.  In this example sequence below, a hose was connected to a five gallon propane bottle and the valve was opened to allow the gas to escape.  Our camera was set up 300 feet away using a 50mm lens.  The gas released from the bottle was approximately 10mcf per day.  As you can see, our camera makes the small leak visible to the eye and the motion makes it easily distinguishable.

Tag-less LDAR 

Tag-less LDAR is a Relative Positioning System (RPS) and Software package being developed by Leak Surveys Inc. of Early, Texas (LSI) to assist the operator of the Camera Leak Detection System in conducting Smart LDAR on a regular basis in a plant environment.  <READ MORE>



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